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Providing custom breakout sets and individual chips for any poker game

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Poker Chip Sets

Poker Chip Sets

View our 30 different styles of poker chips available in 500, 600, 750 and 1000 sets. All aluminum sets include playing cards, dealer button and dice!

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Poker Chips

Poker Chips

We also provide each denomination/color of any style in rolls of 25 whether you are building a new set or adding to an existing collection.

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Poker Chip Cases

Poker Chip Cases

View our selection of 200, 300, 500, 600, 750 and 1000 count acrylic, aluminum and wooden cases in order to best store and showcase your chips.

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Authorized Reseller

Poker Chip Kings is an authorized reseller of Claysmith Gaming. You can be sure you are getting casino quality poker chips as a result.

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Poker Chip Sets with Custom Breakouts

We provide a large selection of different poker chip styles that includes a wide range of blank and denominated poker chips that you can select from in rolls of 25 so you can custom build your poker chip set. We also provide each denomination/color of any style in rolls of 25 so that you can purchase in bulk whether you’re building a new set or adding to an existing one. Depending on the individual style, denominations can range from 25 cent to $25,000 in order to accommodate cash games and tournaments.

Lots of Options

We offer a range of styles that include chip weights from 2g plastic chips to 15g clay composite for those looking for a heavyweight poker chip. We also have 10g ceramic poker chips if you’re looking for professional grade chips that look and feel like chips used in real casinos. We have a wide range of prices and quality to accommodate experienced and novice players.

Fast Shipping and Handling

Need your poker chips in time for your next home game or event? We ship most orders within 3 business days so you can get it in time. We are able to ship individual chips via USPS Priority (except poker chip sets which are shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground). We are centrally located in the Indianapolis area in order to quickly ship orders to anywhere in the Continental U.S. Please contact us for estimated delivery dates based on your location.